Warranty Information



Frankford offers 9 oz. marine grade solution dyed acrylic fabric from several mills, including Sunbrella®, Outdura, and Recasens®. All marine grade acrylic fabrics we use carry a warranty of 10 years from the original date of purchase. All upholstery grade fabrics we use carry a warranty of 5 years from the original date of purchase.

The warranty protects against the loss of characteristics, rot, mildew, and colorfastness typical in normal atmospheric conditions. The product must be properly installed, maintained, and under normal use and environment.

This warranty does not cover damage caused by contact with foreign objects, abuse, negligence, vandalism, burns of any kind, improper cleaning techniques, normal wear, perforations, weather soiling, environmental pollution stains, natural disasters, or acts of nature. Damage caused by the storage method or location used by clients is not covered.

DISCLAIMER: When opening and closing the umbrella, the user must be sure all fabric is pulled away from the ribs to prevent unnecessary rubbing of the fabric against the frame or hardware. This could result in premature wearing or holes in the fabric. Damage of this nature is not covered under warranty.

To ensure our product’s longevity, we recommend closing your umbrella and securing it with a tie band in high winds. In addition, be sure the fabric is pulled away from the ribs as outlined above. High winds will cause the umbrella fabric to rub together, causing friction, which can result in premature thinning of the fabric, discoloration, and possible pin holes over extended use. We strongly suggest the use of a protective cover or safely storing the umbrella until the winds and harsh weather subside. Damage of this nature is not covered under warranty.

The warranty, if applicable, does not cover labor, frames, systems, and installation supplied by the dealer or reseller. Replacement fabric canopy is covered for the time remaining in the original warranty and does not activate a new 10-year, or 5-year warranty.


Frankford warrants the crank and auto tilt mechanisms in the MONTEREY for a period of 5 years from the original date of purchase. This warranty includes manufacturer defects of crank handles, crank axles, auto tilts, push button tilts, and para-cord.

Frankford warrants the frame structure of the ECLIPSE®AURORANOVAG-SERIESGREENWICHMONTEREYCATALINA and, AVALON for a period of 5 years from the original date of purchase. This warranty includes manufacturer defects to the notch, runner, center pole and skeleton structure. This warranty does not include damages sustained to these umbrellas while in any degree of tilt.


Frankford warrants all powder coat finishes on aluminum masts in ECLIPSE®AURORANOVA G-SERIESGREENWICHMONTEREYCATALINA and LAUREL for a period of 3 years from the original date of purchase. This warranty includes chipping, peeling, flaking, bubbling, and fading of the powder coat finish on the aluminum masts only.


Frankford warrants the frame structure of the, LAURELEMERALD COASTOAKWOOD BEACH CHAIRSHADESTARLIFEGUARD, and BEACH CABANA for a period of one (1) year from the original date of purchase. This warranty includes manufacturer defects to the notch, runner, center pole and skeleton structure.

Frankford warrants all UMBRELLA BASES for a period of one (1) year from the original date of purchase.

DISCLAIMER: This warranty covers manufacturing defects only. It does not cover breakage due to contact with foreign objects, chipping of the finishes, crumbling of concrete, or any damage associated with transporting the base.


In the event un-warrantable damage occurs to an umbrella from the MONTEREY collection, Frankford offers a free fiberglass rib replacement program for 3 years from the original date of purchase. Shipping charges are not included in this program.


Galvanized steel will show unavoidable imperfections due to the finishing process and therefore must be accepted in the condition in which they are received.


Rust is a natural part of the aging process for all steel and iron- based materials, therefore it is not considered a defect and is not covered under any Frankford Umbrellas’ warranties. Steel bases and mounts are designed to require minimum maintenance and should be kept clean and well maintained.


Frankford Umbrellas’ warranties do not cover damage to any umbrellas or umbrella bases related to extreme weather, abuse, misuse, or any damage that occurs as a result of contact with the ground or any other foreign object due to sudden and severe weather events or other extreme acts of nature.

Frankford Umbrellas’ warranties are only applicable to products that are properly secured to Frankford bases or anchoring systems equal to or greater than recommended by Frankford. Failure to properly secure Frankford umbrellas to Frankford bases equal to or greater than recommended will void all warranties.

If warrant-able damage occurs, Frankford will refinish, replace or repair any item in this category at its own discretion.

Treasure Garden

Treasure Garden items are designed for residential use and are not warranted for commercial applications (unless specified for Commercial use). LIMITED WARRANTY (Frames and Accessories):One (1) year:
AG Cantilever styles
Glide Tilt styles
Push Button Tilt styles
Quad Pulley Lift – UM8091 style
Umbrella Lights
Umbrella Bases and Accessories
Protective Furniture Covers
Outdoor Rugs

Two (2) years:
AKZ Plus Cantilever styles
Vienna Alu Teak – UV89115A style
Shanghai Collar Tilt – USA459
Pagoda Collar Tilt – UP65409 style
Starlux Collar Tilt – UM800_LX
Collar Tilt – UM80__series
Auto Tilt – UM81__ series
Auto Tilt – UM8810RT style
Crank Lift – UM8811RT style

Three (3) years:
Commercial – UCP40_ series

Limited Warranty Includes:
Frame, ribs, finial, tilt, cord, crank handle, housing, powder coat finish, canopy and rib pocket seams. If a defect in the original material or workmanship appears during the warranty period on any Treasure Garden product; Treasure Garden, at its option, will repair or replace the product without charge. LIMITED WARRANTY Fabric (Furniture Grade):

The following fabric lines have a limited warranty against fading for:
5 years – Sunbrella®

What Is NOT Covered:
Failure caused by unreasonable or abusive use, or failure caused by neglect of reasonable and necessary care, and any modification to product are not covered by this warranty. Additionally, acts of nature (including but not limited to wind, hurricanes, tornadoes, and storms) are not covered by this warranty. This warranty covers return freight of any warranted product only for the first year. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights which vary from state to state. Closeout and promotional items sold by the dealer as is are not covered by this warranty. 

Wind Damage:
Treasure Garden highly recommends that no umbrella, regardless of size or weight, ever be left unattended in the open position. In windy conditions, it is further recommended that umbrellas be closed, removed from their base, and stored, or laid horizontally. This will reduce the risk of damage to your umbrella, furniture, and other belongings or property. To ensure stability of your umbrella, please observe proper placement, and use sufficient weight (base). The Treasure Garden catalog contains minimum recommendations for necessary weight; but this can vary, depending on the conditions in your particular area. WIND DAMAGE IS NOT COVERED UNDER OUR LIMITED WARRANTY.

Irregularities in Production Process:
The possibility of “Irregularities” in the product surface may occur during the production process. However, these irregularities do not reduce the quality of the product. Treasure Garden monitors every stage of production to ensure a clean and consistent appearance on every part. Rust:
Rust is a natural part of the aging process of all Steel or Iron based materials and is therefore NOT considered a defect. Treasure Garden Cast Iron & Steel plate bases are designed to require minimum maintenance. Bases should be kept clean. Do not let dirt build up on the bases. Cleaning with mild soap and water, and seasonal touch-up of any scratches, chips or occasional rust seepage from crevices or hidden, un-finishable surfaces inherent in some designs is all that is required. Touch Up paint in matching frame colors are available through your retail dealer. Never leave bases standing in water. To keep your bases looking their best, you may wish to store them when not in use for an extended period of time. 

Seaside and indoor pool usage:
CAUTION: Seaside and indoor pool use, salt & chlorides can accumulate on the powder coat finish, leading to finish failure. Failure or neglect to make needed cleanings may cause paint to blister, and such failure will void limited warranty. 



Galtech market umbrellas and bases are warranted for a period of 1 year from the original date of consumer purchase. All auto tilt, deluxe auto tilt, cantilever and SR series deluxe commercial umbrellas are warranted for 2 years from original date of consumer purchase. The extended 2 year warranty applies to the following models: Auto Tilt: 736,737,738,779,789,936,986 Cantilever: 887,897 Deluxe Commercial: 722,762,732,782,792 Verification of the date of consumer purchase is required for product to qualify under Galtech’s limited warranty policy. Galtech International warrants that these products shall be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal and reasonable use and proper assembly as follows: What is covered: 1. Warping, splitting or rotting of wood frame poles 2. Rusting, discoloring of metal parts or bases (surface must not be compromised) 3. Broken tilt mechanisms, broken cables, broken cranks

What is not covered:

DAMAGE CAUSED FROM WIND CONDITIONS ARE NOT COVERED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Damage indicative of wind include broken ribs and bent aluminum poles. Replacement of warranty items will be determined upon factory discretion. Only items designated as “commercial umbrellas” will be warranted in a commercial application. Items with the “Galtech Contract” logo are deemed to be commercial umbrellas. Cantilever and auto tilt umbrellas will not be warranted in a commercial application, no exceptions. CANOPIES Covers are warranted against loss of color or strength from normal exposure conditions for the following duration: Sunbrella: 5 years from date of consumer purchase Suncrylic: 1 year from date of consumer purchase Thatch: 1 year from date of consumer purchase